Patient S.A. Female, 54 years old

Diagnosis: Left Spinal Root Compression Syndrome
C6 and C7. Intraspinal, Extradural, Cavernous Angioma.

Patient P.S. Female, 22 years old

Diagnosis: Thoracic Intraspinal, Intradural,
Extramedullary, Right Posterior Neurinoma (T2-T3)

Patient D.D. Male, 32 years old

Diagnosis: Intra-Extraspinal, Intradural Dumbbell Neurinoma
(Right T2 Sensory Root)

Patient Z.V. Male, 34 years old

Diagnosis: Dorsal, Intramedullary Hemangioblastoma of the
Medulla Oblongata (without association with the syndrome
of von Hippel-Lindau).

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